Here is what some current and past clients have to say about training and group classes with Vicky — and how it has changed their lives.

Goal: Build and maintain strength
I am 90 years old.  I have been working with Vicky on maintaining good balance and core strength which I feel I have achieved. I have recommended her to several people and we all agree.. great!

Dick H

Goal: Stay active with Parkinson’s
I have complete trust in Vicky’s medical knowledge regarding which exercises are optimal for someone with Parkinson’s disease. In the 5 years that I’ve been training with Vicky, I’ve never injured myself. She continually pushes me to my limits, which has resulted in me getting stronger. She provides tons of positive feedback and reinforcement. Her interest in her clients and their health problems is genuine and she is an integral part of my therapy. These qualities set her apart from the majority of trainers I have worked with.


How exercise, yoga, and a positive attitude help people living with Parkinson’s

Goal: Maintain balance and stay active
I have been working with Vicky for 5 sessions so far to get my balance back to where it should be. Vicky works me hard but gently, always encouraging me and motivating me to do even more. My balance is coming back and I can recognize and correct myself when I lean to a side when walking. Vicky is a great trainer and someone I would highly recommend to others!

Joyce R.

Goal: Get and stay in shape
Vicky is truly one of the most caring and inspiring trainers (and person) I know! She will absolutely kick your butt into shape with a smile on her face and will believe in you until you believe in yourself!!! I’m lucky to have her as my trainer, but even more lucky to have her as my friend!


Goal: Lose weight and get active
Upon meeting Vicky I knew I had found the perfect trainer for me. Not only does she change our routine every time so I never know what to expect but she makes it fun to work out. She is available for help with diet, ingredients and even emails me workouts when we can’t meet.

Our first 6 weeks I saw tremendous changes in both my mental and physical health, losing over 10 pounds and several inches. I am almost at my dream goal and very pleased with the results and could not have done it alone. She is the best! 🙂 Even with my busy schedule and her travels she finds the time to Skype me to ensure I keep up the good routine. 

Lesleigh R

Goal: Pre and postnatal fitness training
I trained with Vicky after my second pregnancy starting at 6 weeks postpartum. I was 165 when I delivered and when I began to train I was 147. I was amazed at how quickly the weight fell off and how great my body looked at 34. I was in the best shape I have ever been in. I even had definition in my abs!


Cheryl S. – Boston, MA

If I had to describe Vicky’s “Let Your Yoga Dance” class with one phrase, I’d call it a “Feel Good Class!”  Her holistic approach to wellness ensures that every class addresses physical, emotional and spiritual health with a fun, engaging routine.  She always encourages us to do whatever feels best. Her positivity and genuine compassion help to create a safe, comfortable environment to let go and be moved by the music.  After one of Vicky’s classes, I always feel like I did something good for my body and soul!

Thru her creative and healing “Let Your Yoga Dance” classes, I have come to know Vicky and her work. She creates a safe space for us to heal and also to have fun! She definitely has a gift for helping others to get in touch with their bodies and feelings through movement. Every class is not only unique but also adaptable to all ages and workout levels. Her creativity is amazing! Thanks Vicky for helping me progress on my healing journey! 

Ann Hopkins, Virginia

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