Virtual Let Your Yoga Dance Classes

Classes Start January 2021


Let Your Yoga Dance

Let Your Yoga Dance is a joyful celebration of body, mind, and spirit. It is a movement practice that everybody (EVERY BODY) can do because it is offered in a safe, caring, and compassionate environment. It’s a unique approach to movement, combining the time-honored traditions of yoga, user-friendly dance, meditation in motion, breath, the chakra systems(i.e: the energy centers of the body), and inspired by music from all around the world. It’s funky and fun; sometimes wild and filled with abandon, sometimes quiet and still. Your heart pumps, your brain is engaged, strength and balance are improved, and feelings of love and compassion are shared. Come dance with me and awaken to the tribal pulse that lets your spirit fly!

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“Thru her creative and healing “Let Your Yoga Dance” classes, I have come to know Vicky and her work. She creates a safe space for us to heal and also to have fun! She definitely has a gift for helping others to get in touch with their bodies and feelings through movement. Every class is not only unique but also adaptable to all ages and workout levels. Her creativity is amazing! Thanks Vicky for helping me progress on my healing journey!” 

Ann Hopkins, Virginia

“If I had to describe Vicky’s “Let Your Yoga Dance” class with one phrase, I’d call it a “Feel Good Class!”  Her holistic approach to wellness ensures that every class addresses physical, emotional and spiritual health with a fun, engaging routine.  She always encourages us to do whatever feels best. Her positivity and genuine compassion help to create a safe, comfortable environment to let go and be moved by the music.  After one of Vicky’s classes, I always feel like I did something good for my body and soul!”

Cheryl S. – Boston, MA

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